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Paulé Wood, Practical Shamanism Life Coach

Practical shamanism.

Want transformation? Have no idea how to go from where you are now to the life that you desire?

I offer the alchemy of my deep shamanic practice and years of my experience in Agile software design to give you practical tools for iterative, robust transformation.

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The alchemy

By combining shamanism and software development practices, I can be your guide to radically and beautifully transforming your life with practical tools and manageable steps. We will gather your dreams, prioritize a working order, and then create iterative, doable steps to get you the life you want.

Some life dreams on which we can collaborate:

  • Big travel

  • Living a nomad lifestyle

  • Pursuing a meaningful career change

  • Moving to another country

  • Taking a sabbatical

  • Adjusting your life to care for a loved one, and not losing yourself in the process

We all deserve the chance to create a rich and rewarding life story, and we are all capable of great change. In our journeys - literal and metaphorical - we must reach beyond our comfort in order to grow; but guides and tools can support us along the way.

Read on for details about shamanic Agile tools

If you read this and think: “I don’t have the time or the money to make big shifts like this!” let’s talk. I have helped clients find space for their dreams amidst work and family commitments!

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Paula Wood

Who I am

I bring a variety of influences to my coaching work, including over a decade in software development as a user experience designer, professional certification as a life coach and a yoga teacher, seven years of training in North European shamanism, and a wide variety of life, career, and travel experiences.

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The Shamanic View

The Wheel of the Year is from the Celtic tradition, and uses eight major quarter and cross-quarter holidays that happen with each revolution of the earth around the sun. These holidays mark the passage of time and celebrate the changing seasons and cycles of life.

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Not only do I use these eight holidays in the course of the year to make intentions and track their progress, I also use the Wheel for relationships and events. All things are cyclical and it’s helpful to have a framework to navigate the waxing and waning of all things.


The Agile Method is used in software development, and uses short, iterative development cycles which are known as “sprints.” This project management method anticipates change and allows for much more flexibility; small changes can be made without huge re-dos of the budget or schedule.

The process involves breaking down each project into prioritized steps, and then iteratively building and improving, with reviews at each step. The insights gained from the reviews are used to determine the next step in development. Goals are set at the beginning of each iteration, for example, expected changes, time estimates, priorities and budgets.

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Coaching "Safer Space" Beliefs and Intentions

I believe strongly in the dignity, worth and value of all individuals, and in honoring, respecting and appreciating my clients. I know that it is impossible to create an entirely “safe” space, but I am dedicated to holding the safest, most affirming space I am capable of for individuals of any race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, physical/mental ability, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression, and socioeconomic status. 
To this end, I have worked and will continue to work to increase my awareness of my own bias and privilege as well as systemic bias and privilege, and I will strive to be aware of the ways in which these may impact you in our work together. 
If while we are working together, you have feedback on how I can improve in these areas, I would be very grateful if you would let me know.