My Coaching Services

I offer one on one coaching, group workshops, and presentations/speaking engagements in the following areas:

Personal Journeys

Write the next chapter in your life story
Are you unsure of where you want to go next with your life, or the best way to get there? Do you want to find a way forward, but don’t quite know where to begin?

Life coaching: Personal Journeys

Using a series of practical tools, I can help you get a handle on where you are now, articulate and uncover where you want to go, and make a concrete plan for how to move forward. We might look at the ways you spend your time, explore the properties of the life you want to live, and/or identify the biggest obstacles standing in your way. As part of this, we may work together to “re-write” the stories that you are telling about your life.
Expect sticky notes and self reflection; bring your determination and sense of humor.
Once we’ve figured out goals and plans, I can help keep you accountable, and work with you to adjust your plans as they make contact with reality. We will adapt and persist to keep you on your path towards living the life story that you choose.

Career Pathfinding

Chart your path to a career that nourishes you
Trying to figure out the next step in your career - forwards, backwards, or sideways? Feel like you should be running in a different direction entirely? Do you want to find work that better aligns with your values, passions, and strengths? 
I can help you chart a career path that fits you, and work with you to uncover the story of how the work you have done up until now sets you on that path. I’ve advanced, uprooted, restarted, and adjusted my career path numerous times in my life, and helped others do the same. During my time in management, I loved helping my direct reports get where they wanted to go in their careers - even when that meant changing them. Working together, we can find your way to a career that sustains you in the ways that you value most.

Life coaching: Careers

Once we determine your direction, I will help you with the concrete next steps  - whether that’s overhauling your resume and online presence, finding ways to gain the experience you need, or figuring out how to best tailor the story of your experience to the organizations you are applying to. 


Transformative Travel

Plan the trip you need, not the trip you want

Life coaching: Transformative Travel

Are you feeling called to the kind of adventure that involves new places, new experiences, and self discovery? Are you ready to stretch and learn more about who you are, while at the same time wanting help and support with your travel goals and plans?
With decades of solo travel experience to locations around the world, as well as professional experience in corporate travel and band tour management, I have seen and felt the many ways in which travel can challenge and change us. I will help you build the confidence to undertake a journey that pushes you in the direction you want to go. I’ll guide you in balancing safety and practicality with stretching yourself and taking the kinds of risks that help you learn and grow.
Your trip doesn’t have to be geographically far-flung, although it might. It could be driving to a cabin in the woods to sit in silence for a week. It could be climbing mountains in the Andes. It’s about taking the trip that you need at this time.

I think what has touched me the most is her faith in me, even when I am losing myself in a tailspin of worry. Paula has been incredibly gentle, patient and kind with me as I navigate creating the roadmap for my dreams.

You can feel Paula’s presence during your session and it provides a container of safety, hope, and transformation. Paula allows the client to be in the driver’s seat, reassuring you that it’s about what YOU want and she’s simply there to help guide and facilitate the connection with your internal guidance system, intuition, what have you.
— Lauren