Mount Hood

Coaching location

I am nomadic (I believe the current parlance is “location-free lifestyle” ☺️)

I coach over WhatsApp, Skype or Facebook Messenger, or over the phone if I am in the USA. I am available to work with clients worldwide. I am happy to meet up in person if our locations coincide.

I update my online scheduling with my current time zone so we can find a time that suits both of us.

Coaching consultation

Before we work together:

To begin your coaching journey, schedule a free 30 minute initial discussion to determine whether the fit feels right for both of us. Please choose a time that works for you below. You'll also be asked for some additional information to help lay the groundwork for our discussion, I will send you my intake form when the consultation is booked.

I require a 30-minute consultation with you before you book any sessions. 

Coaching Rates

Introductory rates for 60-minute sessions 

  • One 60-minute session: $90

  • Three 60-minute sessions: $240

  • Six 60-minute sessions: $420

Introductory rates for 90-minute sessions 

  • One 90-minute session: $120

  • Three 90-minute sessions: $330

  • Six 90-minute sessions: $600

My rates include not only the time we spend together, but also the prep time I need to block out to prepare for our sessions. 

‘Pay-it-forward’ rates are available for those who wish to pay a premium to support those with financial need. My suggestion is that you add 20% of your session price, and I will explicitly use those funds to offset session rates for clients who find themselves in financial constraint.

For people who are experiencing a low ebb in funds at the time of booking, variable rates are available. Please contact me for more information. I am also willing to discuss service-trade arrangements.

My rates for workshops, presentations, or speaking engagements vary. Contact me to inquire.

Please contact me with any questions you have about the coaching process, rates, and more.

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