I'm Paula, professional wayfinder.

Life coaching: My professions

My professions

I’ve worked in user experience design for 12 years, exercising professional grade empathy in order to design optimal paths through complexity. 
Throughout my life, I have followed a variety of career paths, including roadie, communications designer, and motorcycle messenger. All of my professional experiences have centered around people moving through life more smoothly: whether it’s a well designed user interface, a flawlessly engineered band performance, or a perfectly executed delivery route, I have again and again found myself drawn towards the optimization of the human experience.

Some of the most rewarding moments in my various careers have come while managing and mentoring those who worked under and alongside me. When working as a yoga instructor, my favorite aspect of teaching beginning students was helping people find their “in,” their connection to what works for them. 

Life Coaching: My Journeys

My journeys

I am a lifelong traveler, starting from my first solitary trip to Scotland when I was nineteen years old, and with recent highlights including driving 10,000 miles across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia as team captain for an all-woman team on the 2016 Mongol Rally, followed by an additional journey to the Arctic Circle

With three years of training as a practitioner of Northern European shamanism, I am comfortable in both practical and spiritual realms and love to weave both into a holistic experience. During my shamanic training, I found people in my life increasingly coming to me for advice, and felt myself drawn to and rewarded by helping them discover and move towards their life dreams.

Life Coaching: My Focus

My focus

I also found myself returning again and again to the power of storytelling. The stories we tell ourselves and one another shape us and guide us through our lives, for good or for ill. Journeys - physical, emotional, and spiritual - are a powerful and ancient practice and metaphor that can give shape to the stories we tell ourselves. When our obstacles become parts of our journey, we can see them as teachers, companions, and even allies. 
In my own life I have journeyed through addiction, abuse, and poverty, and these experiences have given me empathy for others from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences. If you are struggling to transcend difficult things in your past or roadblocks in your present, I can help you turn your eye toward the future and find a path towards what calls to you most.

I freaking adore Paula as she is hilarious and has so many outside the box ways to coach and strategies to get you what you want. I think what I like most about being Paula’s client is that we have fun together while being my side kick and accountability partner as together we literally change my life.
— Lauren H.
Paula brings a wide variety of life experiences to her practice that enable her to quickly understand even the gnarliest of emotional quagmires. She quickly synthesizes information and responds with unique, creative ideas that will energize the most jaded of moods.

Paula’s not your typical life coach. Smart, funny, experienced - yes. But also truly caring, supportive, creative, and in touch with deeper dimensions of the self. She brings an outsider’s view to the inside. You will not regret one minute of your time with Paula.
— Karen H.